My Favourite Song Of Euphoria: Maeri

For Euphoria Fans:

My favorite song … Maeri

From this song Euphoria made a mark in everyone’s heart age no bar caste no bar…. Everyone Just Loved it.

“teri ya meri ya
pull gaya
pull gaya haar te jeet
hey mae ki karna mein jeet nu
hove naje meet
hove naje meet

bindiya lagati toh
kaapti thi palken maeri
chunniya sajake woh deti vaadein kalke maeri
meri haaton mein tha uska haath
thi chaashni si har uski baat
maeri aap hi hasdi
maeri aap hi rondi
maeri yaad woh yaad woh aaeri
gallan kardi
maeri ankhan naal lad di
maeri yaad woh yaad woh aaeri
heyy maeri

baarishon mein lipat ke maa ati thi woh chalke maeri
deeriyan ho jaye to roti halke halke maeri
phir se mein royu phir woh gaye
thandi havayein banke chaye
maeri heeran o gaan di
maeri geede o paundi

maeri yaad woh yaad woh aaeri
jannata langdi maeri mannata mangdi
maeri yaad woh yaad woh aaeri

ab kya karun kahan se kahun aa maeri
ab kya karun kahaaan se kahunn aa maeri

duniya parayi chod ke aaja
jhoothe sare naate tod ke aaja
sau rabdi tujhe ek vari aajaa
ab ke mile to honge na juda
na juda na juda aaa oooo
Ho hun te o aaye koi kidde aaye
maeri yaad woh yaad woh aaeri

gallan o kardi
maeri akhan naal lad di
maeri yaad woh yaad woh aaeri

bhul gayi mera pyar
mae bas lage mahine chaar
maeri yaad woh yaad woh aaeri yaad woh aayi
maeri yaad woh aayi
maeri yaad woh yaad woh aaeri

ab kya karun kahan se kahun aa maeri
ab kya karun kahan se kahunn aa maeri ”


Maeri Video of Euphoria

Videos of all Songs by Euphoria


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  1. hye guys


  2. hey guys
    i too like euphoria’s Maeri
    but ca anyone tell me frm which album it is
    and whats the correct spelling for the song to search it anywhere?

    plz do reply
    i want that song

    • hey check it in youtube or search in google u ll get d song i have aslo searched for cd but its not der so its better u search in google u will easily get it

  3. HI GUYS
    I think that this is the best song that i’ve ever heard
    every time i hear it on tv i feel relaxed


  4. Hi guys
    I too like euphoria’s maeri i just love to listen that song one of my friend also like that song,that song is really very nice,first time when i saw it’s video i became light-headed i thought wow how lovely it is,i became mad over that song i feel very happy whenever i see it’s video or listen this song it’s really a very very nice song i think it’s the best song.

  5. heyyy…ppll…..
    dis songg maeri realyy roxzz n ravezz..
    just loe it!!!!!!

  6. can anyone plz help with the translation of the song?…english or hindi, either will do…

  7. A Legendery Song by EUPHORIA which reflect their tremendous talent. The voice of the singer is divine. I think they will come up with lot more like this.

    Simply Outstanding!

  8. one of the best composition ever heard .. i just love euphoria songs and beautiful music .. dean palash u rockkkkk .. and i expect u to give us more beautiful compositions .. all the best

  9. i m jst crazy abt da song phir dhoom n mai re..
    they simply rock.

  10. u guyz just rock 2 the core and maeri has been 1 of the most famous song of Euphoria……just love this track……i think shaily is right…..a song whose tune is still in our hearts…..

  11. MAERI is my favorite song and i just love it….

  12. hey guys
    i really like.pls reply me.i want that song.just u r d best ones my dear brothers.pls reply me pls……………………………………………………………………………………………
    with lvu
    ur sister gauri

  13. Can anybody translate the song to hindi/english and is Maeri the name of the girl or what?

  14. I really like Maeri song. Its picturisation is also too good. I feel it is one of the best compositions that i have ever heard 🙂

  15. err this isn’t the official Euphoria blog. You guys should go to Euphoria’s official site. you can download “maeri” over there only would you believe. They’re giving away their own music for free.

    Anyway, Its an amazing song. I don’t know how and why a few days ago i suddenly missed it but I felt like listening to it soooooooooo much just downloaded it. Absolutely amazing.

  16. Maeeri8 is amazing.. no doubt… Euphoria’s best song is ‘ab na jaa’…. donno y is it so unnoticed??

  17. this band rocks

    i myself being a lyricist want them to honour my songs by singing one or two of them.if its possible plz contact me

  18. I really loved this song,
    it touch to my heart

  19. hey all the songs are so nice that one actually listen to them even after years and then also they are as fresh as ever…i love listening to maeri..its like an evergreen kishore da songs…

  20. please tell me who is the girl in song- pyar ki yeh bat hai ab na ja , choti si yeh rat hai ab na ja. i like this song very much, and i like this model with palash sen please tell me what is her name?

  21. this song makes me high. i love it.
    but can someone please please please tell me what does maeri mean??
    i used to think mother, but obviously its not since i have seen the video….
    please do tell me!!!!!!!!!

  22. Its a lovely n unique mixture of hindi n punjabi
    mind blowing

  23. Damn good song

  24. hi PALASH SEN
    how ru ?
    i m fine my name is sunil parchaa i m ur big fun ,realy ur a gret singer ,
    do u know plash my gf she loved ur songh mieer this is her altime favret songh , now she is not more now she is god’s home , but i realy love her , due to this song we meet, so that’s why we loved this songh
    well ……. this is life ( hey u can send a hello tunes MAERI )
    love u form my gf and me also

  25. what is the meaning of the word “Maeri”? Is it a Bengali word? Lot of Bengalis make this confusion.Please tell me Dr Sen.

    • Maeri is not bengali. This song is in Punjabi.
      This is sungs by a guy telling his mother about his l;ost love.
      The poet is emphasising on the fact that a lot of guys cant talk to their mothers about their love. So when love’s labour’s lost, a song like this written to tell the mother how beautiful love was and how painfully it had to end.
      The starting lines of this song reflect this as the guy is saying to his mother—as “whats the use of wining or loosing now mother…i have already forgot about it…coz i have lost love”.

      Rest is pretty simple

      • thanks.

  26. Hey Guys,

    you are such a nice & honest singer ,specially Mr Palash he look like a white feather of god,your band tuch every persons heart, i wish you very happy new year 2009,& pray to god for growth of your band

    your Fans

    Rajvardhan,Atul Mishra,Ashutosh Mishra & Ashu

  27. Maeri is a songs which touch my hearts and soul and took me out of any sort of blues.Whenever I hear this I start thinking about my wife…this songs give heavenly feeling.I dedicate this song to my wife.

    Palash you sang this so well that it gives some meaning to life.

    Waiting for few more fantabulous songs from you.

    Wish you luck.

    Mohit Sharma

  28. i just love this song of urs…….

  29. hey dear palash, i love this song very much…

  30. Nice Reading this blog

  31. sir i luv ur song maeri..
    n thnx to u cause this helped me in winning a singing competetion in my skool……
    thnx n loads of luv n wishes……

  32. euphoria maeri is my fvrt. song ever

  33. it is a marvillous song

  34. I love all your songs

  35. i like euphoria vrey much.specialy for friends,we will find many lovers among us who not get there true love which we saw in that video of also one of them.when am in the sad mood i’ll saw that video,after that i fill just good.thanks euphoria specially palash teaches us that an important lesson.i never forgot euphorias other songs also,like ab na ja,dhoom pichac dhoom,they rocks,but maeri is special for me.i will never forgot that song till my last breath.thanks euphoria,thanks very much.

  36. excellent music!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Maeri me hamari mitti ki mehak hai.. Its music is superb.. thanx 4 making such a beutiful song.. best of luck..

  38. Maeri…!!! awesome song….I still remember the days..i was in 7th class at that time and used to listen the song repeatedly…

  39. MAERI !!!! cannt control myself when ever i hear even a single beat of this song. i do have a lot of attached memories with this particular song. AWESUM SONG.LOVE u PALASH SIR GREAT SONG

  40. amazing…no words 4 this song

    thanks palash…its memorable song

  41. it’s a awesome band….
    and the members of this band having a dashing personality…!!!!

  42. i like your mayeri song. i am also a singer and i play guitar. plz provide me some chords for that song with the rithm

  43. The best song i ever heard…..

  44. yeh gaana kisi apaney ki yaad dilata hai keyoki yeh gaana us ko mere sey sunana pasand tha. my

  45. hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  46. hi i love your all song u guys r doing very very good job thanks for giving all this songs bye n take care n god bless u all guys

  47. Hi Euphoria,

    You are all awesome. I love every song of yours.. specially maeri. I am from IIMB, here we all sit down and sing the maeri song at the end of every party night we have here and trust me that is the best part of the party.

    Love you all


  48. This is a nice website amd its content is very useful. From a long time I have searched for such kind of website. Many many thanks to admin of this website to share these tips. Continue your writting

  49. Good

  50. good song my first heart touching song

  51. I would suggest you to create a different track that has something new such as “I wanna fuck aishwarya rai” … that would be real famous 😉
    with hope and regards.. not your enemy but your literal friend 😀

  52. Maybe I was waiting for this song to hear.

  53. mahiri it was song very beutyfull

  54. maeri is a very lovely song but am nt getting it anywhere, i checked out every store but i returned blank handed.

  55. can u give the meaning of the lyrics in english pls thank you

  56. Maeri this song was touch my heart,

  57. pls find out a callertune code if its possible for u for reliance cdma

  58. At my age of 15 i watched this song in MTV.This is the very first hindi song i love to hear again and again,After an long period only i came to know abt the meaning of this song…..this sounds pretty good….it will stands up the Top position on my countdown ever.

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